Free mouth cook! I have once presented my all-time favourite dishes, which I can cook without a recipe and free muzzle. Today I am happy to present you a free snout recipe from Patricia from “Moms Blog”.
For us Patricia presented today a really very simple and with children certainly outstandingly arriving Frei Schnauze dish. With step by step photos

Annoyed by the daily tormenting question: “What am I cooking today?”, I had the idea some time ago that every Sunday (well: almost every Sunday), together with the children, the following week’s weekly menu should be set.

Of course, everyone is free to express his or her wishes, so that we can always find a good mixture of healthy recipes, pancakes and pizza. To make it easier for us to make a decision, we have at some point drawn up a list of our 30 favourite recipes – this forms the basis for discussion.

The advantage: Once the plan has been drawn up, discussions (at least those that deal with the topic of food) during the week are reduced to a minimum and the topic of shopping has also lost its horror, because I no longer tiger through the corridors of the supermarkets almost every day, but make a big week’s shopping according to the menu.

Of course, we don’t always stick to our plan – there are just too many things that speak against it: spontaneous invitations to barbecue, an afternoon at the outdoor pool or a craving for the restaurant with the golden M – but the feeling of basically having a plan is pretty good.

When I was once again looking for simple, healthy, fast and above all delicious recipes for our LIste, I stumbled across the “One Pot Peanut – Pasta” on this blog and found the idea of the “Frei Schnauze Recipes” so great that today I would like to present one of our favorite “Frei Schnauze Recipes”:

Mild Veggi – Wraps (-> for children also called “Cowboy Wraps”)
These are wraps (i.e. tortilla-flaps which are available in the supermarket) which I fill with a whole mountain of vegetables – and the children “still” like them. How does that work?

Preparation of the vegetable filling:

All the vegetables that are there at the moment, e.g. carrots, peppers, onions, courgettes, etc. are cut into small pieces and fried in a large pan or wok (perfect for recycling the leftovers).

ALWAYS add half a tube of tomato puree, oregano, salt and pepper. If you like it hot: Additional chili!

For the children I puree the whole thing afterwards with a mixing rod and add ketchup – then they really like it (and even complicated eaters don’t notice what they’re eating) 😉

If you like meat, you can also cut chicken, turkey or beef into strips and fry them.

Preparation of the wraps:

I moisten the wraps slightly and put them into the microwave for 1 minute – then they become soft. Alternatively, you can heat them in a pan without fat or in the oven.

That’s how the wraps are eaten:

The “vegetable paste” is added to the wraps as a filling – I put sour cream, grated cheese, tomatoes, salad pieces, avocado pieces, corn or jalapenos (also “free snout”) as well as Mexican sauce, guacamole and ketchup on the table.

Everyone occupies the wraps as desired. It is important to close the wrap at the bottom, otherwise the filling will fall out.

Tip: For small children you can also use the wraps like a turk. Wrap half of the pizza in aluminium foil.


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