Currant cake is probably the most delicious way to eat currants – whether classic, vegan, gluten-free or with chocolate dough. We have rummaged through food blogs for black currant cakes and present the best recipes.

We never get enough of currant cake!
Sweet and sour – the combination of dough and berries makes currant cake one of our favourite summer cakes. At the end of June, on St John’s Day on 24 June, the season for the delicious fruits begins. So what are you waiting for? Let’s bake!

That’s why we have looked around in German-language food blogs for blackcurrant cakes and in our “Hausgemacht” series we present not only our own recipes for cakes with blackcurrants, but also beautiful Blogger recipes. How about the classic Träubleskuchen, for example? We also present our favourite recipe for a currant cake. Have fun browsing!

Currant cake: Commodities
Fresh currants are extremely sensitive to pressure and should be consumed as quickly as possible. The berries are extremely healthy and contain a lot of vitamin C and iron. By the way: it is also very easy to freeze currants and process them into currant cake or jelly in winter.


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