Berlin is one of the largest cities in Europe, both in terms of population and area. As befits a sprawling metropolis, Germany’s capital offers a huge range of accommodation of all kinds and price categories.

If you’ve never been to Berlin before, or haven’t been there often, it can be a little harder for you to find the best accommodation. Which part of the city is best suited for your travel plans? Which accommodations are recommended? What advantages does Kreuzberg have over Mitte?

This article is intended to answer these and other questions when looking for accommodation. After all, good accommodation is an important basis for getting the most out of your limited time in Berlin.

Staying overnight in Berlin: Some general tips

Because of the spaciousness of the city, I recommend that you first of all pay close attention to a strategically good location of the accommodation.

For example, if you want to explore the main sights around Alexanderplatz, it is not the worst idea to look for a place to stay in Mitte.

If you would rather dive into the alternative nightlife in the evening, you might be better off in Kreuzberg. Would you like to make your credit card glow while shopping? Maybe Charlottenburg with the Ku’damm is the best address for you.

Also the basic atmosphere of the respective quarter can be decisive. If you’d like to go out, a trendy neighborhood might be the perfect temporary home for you. However, if you’d rather have it quieter in the evening, the situation would be quite different again.

In addition, you could make the location of your accommodation dependent on the desired activities. Do you mainly want to visit the most famous sights? Are you planning to visit a trade fair? Shopping? Football? Concert?

The absolute basic rule for most travel purposes, however, is to find accommodation within the S-Bahn ring in order to keep travel times by subway and the like as short as possible.

A “central” location is important because Berlin is huge and the routes from sight A to highlight B can take a lot of time. Even the good local transport network does not help enough.

To express all the fun more clearly, there are some districts in Berlin that are particularly suitable for tourist purposes. For me these are (parts of) Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Charlottenburg.

Exactly these districts I present to you with their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, I will give you concrete Berlin hotel tips for particularly recommendable accommodation in these districts. To help you find your way around more quickly, I have marked the Berlin stays listed below on a map:

Let’s get to the most suitable Berlin districts for travel purposes, their advantages and disadvantages as well as some recommendable accommodations in them.

1. Berlin hotel tips for staying overnight in Berlin-Mitte

There is no classical centre in Berlin as one knows it from other big cities. Alexanderplatz, where a lot of local traffic converges, could best be seen as the centre of the city.

Alexanderplatz is part of the Mitte district, which is home to the Red City Hall, the Hackesche Höfe, the Museum Island, the Cathedral, the Friedrichstrasse, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and Potsdamer Platz, all of which are some of Berlin’s most famous sights.

Mitte, however, describes a large and spacious district, which also includes the districts of Gesundbrunnen, Wedding and Moabit. The districts mentioned are a little further away from the Mitte area, which is suitable for tourist purposes.

I recommend you mainly the accommodation search in the area of Mitte, which extends for instance between Alexanderplatz and Leipziger StraĂźe as well as InvalidenstraĂźe. This corner is especially suitable for first trips to Berlin, where you might be busy exploring the world-famous landmarks of Germany’s largest city by far.

A) Advantages of accommodation in Berlin-Mitte

The name Mitte says it all: You are in a central location in the middle of the metropolis, so the trip to many parts of the city doesn’t take too long.

Mitte offers bars, pubs etc. and a lot of possibilities to go out.

Hackescher Markt, Hackesche Höfe, Alexanderplatz, Dom, Museumsinsel and more – Mitte is home to numerous famous sights and therefore a particularly well-situated district for many travel plans.

The area around Alexanderplatz offers the best connection to Berlin’s public transport network, so that other areas of the city can also be reached relatively quickly.

Mitte offers a large selection of accommodation in various price ranges.

Hotels in Mitte can be reached very quickly from the main station, which is also located in the district.

B) Disadvantages of accommodation in Berlin-Mitte

Mitte is one of the most touristic areas of the city because of the high density of sights and the central location around Alexanderplatz. Accordingly, you will be able to mingle better with locals in other areas of the city.

Accommodation prices will be higher than in many other parts of the city.

C) My Berlin hotel tips for Mitte

Berlin hotel tips would be incomplete without a note about the famous Hotel Adlon.
The most famous hotel in Berlin is probably the Adlon at Pariser Platz in Mitte.

wombat’s CITY Hostel* (about 25 € for a dormitory bed and about 90 €/night for a double room): Top rated hostel strategically located at the intersection of the (Alte) Schönhauser StraĂźe and TorstraĂźe.

Albrechtshof* (approx. 80 €/night): 3-star hotel not far from Friedrichstraße, which offers a lot for the low price.

Monbijou Hotel* (approx. 100 €/night): Great hotel in top location between Hackescher Markt and Monbijoupark.

Frederics Berlin City Hackescher Markt* (approx. 100 €/night): Apartments also located on Oranienburger Straße at Monbijoupark.

NH Collection Berlin Mitte Friedrichstraße* (approx. 150 €/night): Very modern branch of the NH chain with a location directly on the busy Friedrichstraße.

Titanic Gendarmenmarkt Berlin* (approx. 150 €/night): The Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most picturesque squares in the city, so it’s definitely not a bad idea to stay overnight in its own district – and there in an excellent hotel.

Casa Camper* (approx. 200 €/night): Over 1000 times extremely well rated hotel with free snacks and drinks.

Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin* (from approx. 350 €/night): The Adlon lies in the shadow of the Brandenburg Gate and is the best-known luxury hotel in the city. It is known among other things by Michael Jacksons action, with which the King OF Pop held its baby proudly from a highly convenient window, in order to present it to the masses.

To an overview of all accommodations in Mitte* (check the exact location!)

2. Berlin hotel tips for staying overnight in the district Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg borders directly east on the Mitte district and is therefore also very centrally located. Optically this pavement is one of the most beautiful areas of the city for me.

If you are looking for a relatively quiet and central area and – like me – are a fan of old Berlin buildings, then many corners of Prenzlauer Berg to the left and right of Schönhauser Allee should suit your taste.

Because of acquaintance and relationship I spend most of my time in this part of town and can absolutely recommend this corner.

A) Advantages of an accommodation in Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg offers beautiful old buildings and therefore many picturesque streets.

The pleasant atmosphere with young families and many cafés is always positive for me.

The quarter shines by a good connection to the underground and suburban railway network.

The central location not far from Alexanderplatz should also not be underestimated in order to quickly reach the most important sights.

The Mauerpark with the popular flea market is located in Prenzlauer Berg.

The quarter is a very family-friendly place.

Prenzlauer Berg borders on the trendy Mitte.

B) Disadvantages of an accommodation in Prenzlauer Berg

Longer trips are necessary up to the Ku’damm & Co.

You will get to know the alternative side of Berlin rather in other corners of the metropolis.

The choice of hotels is not very big.

C) My Berlin hotel tips for Prenzlauer Berg

Pfefferbett Hostel* (approx. 20 € for a dormitory bed and about 60 € for a double room): Excellent hostel in a beautiful neighbourhood, from which the busy Schönhauser Allee can be reached quickly.

EastSeven Berlin Hostel* (about 30 € for a dormitory bed and about 90 € for a double room with shared bathroom): Also close to Schönhauser Allee, this hostel is perfect and I can highly recommend it to you.

Schoenhouse Apartments* (approx. 110 €/night): Beautiful and modern apartments in a prime location on Schönhauser Allee.

Myer’s Hotel Berlin* (approx. 130 €/night): 4-star hotel in a quiet location with hundreds of excellent ratings.

To an overview of all accommodations in Prenzlauer Berg*: – The hotel in Prenzlauer Berg

3. overnight stay in Berlin: Hotel tips for the district Friedrichshain

Friedrichshain borders in the east on Prenzlauer Berg. The Volkspark Friedrichshain is located directly on this border, where warm days can end wonderfully.

The most famous sight of Friedrichshain is the East Side Gallery. The district is also known for its club scene around the Warschauer Strasse S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations.

Near the Ostbahnhof there is also Berghain, one of the most famous and infamous clubs in the world.

With the flea market at Boxhagener Platz and numerous cafés, Friedrichshain has plenty to offer if you want to take it easy.

A) Advantages of accommodation in Friedrichshain

The East Side Gallery as one of the most famous sights lies on the border of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.

Friedrichshain offers a variety of cafés, pubs and flea markets.

For many Berlin travellers, the proximity to the party mile on Warschauer Strasse can be advantageous.

The proximity to the Mercedes-Benz-Arena could also be handy if you want to visit a concert there.

The popular Kreuzberg is within easy reach.

You can reach Alexanderplatz and its surrounding sights in a short S-Bahn ride.

From some directions a journey by train does not end at the main station, but at the Ostbahnhof, which is located in Friedrichshain. On your way back, you don’t have to argue about a seat at the Ostbahnhof with the much larger groups who board the train at the Hauptbahnhof.

B) Disadvantages of accommodation in Friedrichshain

The hotel offer is manageable.

Not everyone has to like the proximity to the party mile on Warschauer StraĂźe.

C) My Berlin hotel tips for Friedrichshain

Industrial Palace Hostel & Hotel* (about 20 € for a dormitory bed and six-bed room for about 130 €/night): Recommended hostel, which is well suited for larger travel groups who are looking for money due to the six-bed rooms on offer.

Kiez Hostel Berlin* (about 30 € for a dormitory bed and about 70 € for a double room with shared bathroom): Very well run hostel with a pleasant atmosphere.

Schulz Hotel Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery* (approx. 110 €/night): Strategically located hotel between the East Side Gallery and the Ostbahnhof.

Holiday Inn Berlin City East Side* (approx. 110 €/night): 4-star hotel located close to the East Side Gallery, the Oberbaumbrücke bridge and Warschauer Strasse railway station.

Hotel 26* (approx. 120 €/night): Another Friedrichshain accommodation with a convincing rating profile.

To an overview of all accommodations in Friedrichshain*

4th night in Berlin: Hotel tips for the district Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg can be reached from Friedrichshain via the OberbaumbrĂĽcke bridge, which is well worth seeing. At the beginning of my frequent trips to Berlin, Kreuzberg was the district that fascinated me the most. The district seems cosmopolitan due to the high proportion of migrants and attracts visitors from all over the world with its alternative club and pub scene.

All in all, Kreuzberg is a spacious district. There is an alternative part around the Kottbusser Tor and a quieter part, which also includes the beautiful Bergmannkiez.

For your accommodation search I recommend Kreuzberg’s areas to the left and right of Skalitzer StraĂźe. Also wonderfully suitable is the corner around the Bergmannkiez in the south of Kreuzberg, which is home to Viktoriapark, one of my favourite places in Berlin. Also the area north of the Volksparks Hasenheide can convince by the additional proximity to the hip Neukölln.

A) Advantages of accommodation in Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg is a world-famous alternative district and offers a metropolitan atmosphere.

Checkpoint Charlie is one of Berlin’s most famous sights in Kreuzberg.

Mitte and Potsdamer Platz border Kreuzberg to the north, so the district offers a good compromise between proximity to the main attractions and alternative nightlife.

The quarter is a good place to immerse yourself in Berlin’s nightlife.

In corners such as the Bergmannkiez, Kreuzberg also impresses with its old buildings worth seeing and cosy cafés.

B) Disadvantages of accommodation in Kreuzberg

There are corners like the Görlitzer Park or the Kottbusser Tor, which may be a bit too “alternative” for some.

The choice of accommodation is limited.

C) My Berlin hotel tips for Kreuzberg

The Cat’s Pajamas Hostel* (approx. 20 € for a bed in the dormitory and approx. 65 € for a double room): Not far from Hermannplatz and therefore close to Neukölln, this hotel offers a lot for relatively little money.

Hotel Johann* (approx. 100 €/night): Located north of the beautiful Bergmannkiez district.

Hüttenpalast* (approx. 105 €/night): Strictly speaking, a hotel with creative furnishings already located in Neukölln on the border to Kreuzberg.

Orania.Berlin* (approx. 150 €/night): Located on Oranienplatz and within easy reach of many places to go out, this hotel offers you a certain amount of luxury in the middle of the alternative Kreuzberg.

To an overview of all accommodations in Kreuzberg*

5th Berlin hotel tips for staying overnight in Charlottenburg

Charlottenburg lies predominantly north of the Ku’damm. This shopping mile is known all over Germany. Here you can stroll along numerous large department stores and noble boutiques.

The east of the quarter, where the famous Gedächtniskirche is located, was badly damaged during the Second World War. There you will find the Bahnhof Zoo, the symbol of the dark sides of West Berlin in the 1970s, whose centre was here.

However, Charlottenburg also has some very picturesque corners to the west of it with old buildings worth seeing. The Charlottenburg Palace in the quarter is also worth a detour.

In addition, Charlottenburg is better suited than all the previously mentioned quarters to get to events in the Olympic Stadium or on the exhibition grounds relatively quickly.

A) Advantages of accommodation in Charlottenburg

Charlottenburg is the home of the Ku’damm and the KaDeWe. (Strictly speaking, the latter is still located in the district Tempelhof-Schöneberg). The quarter is therefore a particularly good home for shopping lovers.

Also the memorial church worth seeing is located in this part of town.

Charlottenburg is strategically well located for the trip to the Olympic Stadium.

The proximity to the exhibition centre, which borders Charlottenburg in the southwest, can also be advantageous.

Charlottenburg convinces with a very large selection of top-rated double rooms in the price category below 100 euros per night.

B) Disadvantages of accommodation in Charlottenburg

The relatively large distance from Alexanderplatz and the sights around it can be a disadvantage.

Charlottenburg is not the best place in the city to get to know Berlin’s nightlife.

Hotel tips for Berlin would be incomplete without information about accommodation around Charlottenburg Palace.
Definitely worth seeing is also Charlottenburg Castle.

C) Concrete Berlin hotel tips for Charlottenburg

NH Berlin KurfĂĽrstendamm* (approx. 75 €/night): The Ku’damm and the Gedächtniskirche are within walking distance of this top-rated 4-star hotel.

Hotel Brandies at the trade fair* (approx. 90 €/night): 3-star hotel conveniently located on the eastern edge of Charlottenburg for trade fair visits.

Goodman’s Living* (approx. 100 €/night): Top modern apartments and studios on Wilmersdorfer StraĂźe. The nearest underground station is only a few metres away from the accommodation.

Art Nouveau Hotel am Kurfürstendamm* (approx. 100 €/night): The Art Nouveau Hotel offers for my taste very cool furnished rooms in a top located old building.

Henri Hotel Berlin KurfĂĽrstendamm* (approx. 130 €/night): The Ku’damm and its sights are within walking distance of the Henri Hotel.

Mercure Berlin Wittenbergplatz* (approx. 130 €/night): Strictly speaking, a hotel still located in Schöneberg in the shadow of the KaDeWe, where the extremely positive evaluation profile catches the eye.

Sir Savigny Hotel* (approx. 150 €/night): Stylish hotel in the beautiful quarter around Savignyplatz.

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin* (approx. 220 €/night): Still relatively fresh design hotel, which offers some rooms with more than nice panorama view over the streets of the city. The hotel’s own bar (also with a view) is not only popular with hotel guests.

To an overview of all accommodations in Charlottenburg

Wonderful! I hope this will help you in your search for accommodation in Berlin. I wish you every success in your search and a great time in the capital!


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