Would you prefer a sweet or savoury breakfast? I don’t like to commit myself, it varies depending on my mood. But in the end the sweet breakfast ideas predominate.

In the jams I buy, I usually find far too much sugar. And most varieties aren’t really inventive either. So I have more and more often got used to cooking jams, marmalades, spreads etc. myself. And that’s easier than many people think!

Südzucker’s request whether I would like to test their products came in handy. Because even in late summer/autumn there are still many things that are suitable for unusual spreads. On Südzucker’s homepage you will find many ideas – click. That’s exactly where I stumbled across the apple and carrot spread with coconut flakes. I like apple and carrot raw food very much, so I was curious how it could be applied to bread and rolls.

You need for approx. 1200 ml bread spread:

800 g sour apples (I used Boskop)
400 g carrots
juice of a lemon
50 g coconut flakes
500 g preserving sugar 1 : 2
Peel and quarter the apples, remove the core and dice them into coarse pieces. Peel the carrots, cut off the ends and also cut them into coarse pieces (slightly thinner than the apples, then they soften faster). Put everything together with the lemon juice and 200 ml water in a saucepan, cover and steam for 20 minutes at low heat. Then puree thoroughly and allow to cool completely. So that the time does not become so long to cool down, I made this step in the evening and the next morning I went on.

Weigh 950 g of the puree and put it into a large pot together with the coconut flakes and the jam sugar. You should really use a big pot, because the mass has to boil bubbly and you don’t want to have everything distributed in the kitchen but in the pot. Mix everything well and bring to the boil while stirring constantly. From now on, it’s cooking time that counts! Cook for 4 minutes until bubbly and continue stirring until nothing starts.

Fill the spread still hot into hot rinsed glasses and close immediately. When it cools down, the vacuum is created in the glasses.

I am very enthusiastic about the fruit and vegetable combination! It tastes great and is something completely different. And I don’t need to tell you anything about the pretty colour. Okay, my men could have done without the coconut flakes. But I love coconut!!

And so that you can try out these or similar combinations for yourself, I can raffle among my readers three canning sets that were made available to me by Südzucker! This is what the sets look like:

I already wish you good luck and am looking forward to many suggestions for me. 🙂


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