My family and I are catholic and have communion etc. already behind us. But a longtime friend of mine and her sons are Lutherans, so we had to confirm on the weekend. And so shortly after the Cake & Bake in Essen. So I had a late evening cake session. But I was very happy to do it. A cake for confirmation is part of it!

The design was chosen by Lucas himself together with his mother. Also, which cake should hide under the marzipan blanket. The left book page with the confirmation saying consists of my basic recipe with a little vanilla in 1.5 times the amount. The right side is from the same recipe with cocoa in the dough instead of vanilla. I baked the two doughs one after the other on a baking tray and halved them after cooling.

I covered the cake with 1.5 kg raw marzipan mass, which I kneaded with 500 g icing sugar. For the book pages I had to use my food printer again, the rest of the decoration is made of fondant.

As a surprise for the guests I baked cookies as edible place cards according to a long proven recipe from the blog. They are also decorated with my food printer. If it has to go without problems and I don’t have time to experiment, then I always like to get old recipes from the sinking again.

The font, colors and image are the same as for the confirmation cake. The result is a uniform image. The biscuits were still packed in small bags and placed on the seats in the restaurant with a name tag. You can be sure that the place cards will not end up in the trash, but will be stored or eaten.

All in all, it was a very nice party that will be repeated next year with the brother. Then I can contribute another cake and look forward to it.


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