How much one has missed something, one often only notices when one tries it again after a long time. That’s exactly how I felt about yoga a few days ago. Already after the first training I was in love again just like years ago.

Many years ago I started yoga, I took several classes and practiced hard at home. When I started Pole Dance four years ago, I unfortunately let yoga go more and more and eventually gave it up completely. Since I couldn’t do any sport in the last months due to health reasons, I was looking for a way to slowly get back in again. It was very important to me not to exaggerate and to take a break. So it was immediately clear to me that yoga was perfect for this. Since I don’t currently offer classes in the area, I decided to do home yoga.

Yoga Challenge
I had already heard and read so many positive things about the 30 days Yoga Challenge with Adriene. A few days ago I went looking for her videos and found out that she had shot a completely new yoga series. The Revolution – 31 Days of Yoga. I already knew Adriene and some of her videos so I was immediately sure it was the right one for me. On the same day I started with the Challenge and am now almost at the end. I must honestly say, I haven’t felt this good in a long time. In order to motivate myself and keep going, I started looking online for pretty sportswear. I found a super nice selection at mister*lady. In yoga it is very important that the clothes are comfortable. Personally, I also like it better when it sits tight, so it doesn’t bother me during various exercises. In addition, it should also be chic. 😉 In addition to the right clothes, you also need a yoga mat and a yoga cushion if necessary.

Revolution – 31 Days of Yoga
Adriene did a great job again with her 31 days Yoga Challenge. The videos are in English but very understandable and easy to copy. On Adriene’s website you can always find her latest videos and you can also sign up for the newsletter. All videos can also be found on her You Tube Channel. The 31 Days Challenge consists of 31 videos, each lasting up to 40 minutes. They are great for beginners and re-entries. Everything is explained from the beginning and the level of difficulty increases from video to video. I was especially happy about the fact that my flexibility has already improved after a few days.

In yoga I have found a physical balance to my work. After a few days I was much more relaxed. I can really recommend this challenge to everyone. At first I doubted whether I would be able to do it every day, but I can say 100% that it is feasible. Most of the time I did my training in the evening because I could sleep very well afterwards. Even on days where I worked until 10 pm, I went through the program and I looked forward to it every day. When I finish the program in a few days, I will definitely continue with yoga. Adriene still has enough videos in stock. 🙂

Has any of you already taken part in this challenge?


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