If you live in a rural area, it’s hard to keep your home furnishings from moving towards cottage style. There’s only something in the fresh air that makes you relax in front of a fire with a good book and a patterned China tea cup full of tea. Thank God cottage is a style decorating and you don’t have to live in the country to have it. The kitchen, which is the center of life in a house, is a great place to start to bring this cozy decoration. Take a look at these 10 tips that will give you the cozy cottage kitchen you crave.

If you are going for a cottage style it can sometimes be difficult to choose a color scheme. Cream is given in every rustic and if you go lodge you will have luck. As long as you include a pastel shade with your cream, it will surely be a hit. Think mint or lavender or butter yellow.



You might think this is too French at first, but not all good hut kitchens are exposed beams ? If you manage it, do a little renovation on your ceiling and either put the beams you have or install some. You will love the cosy rustic feel they create. (about Savy house )

Keeping the Wood train of thought, butcher block counters are the best, especially if you are decorating something rustic. They are inviting and warm to look at and add a pleasant touch of wood to your kitchen. Not to mention, there are a variety of butcher’s block topped kitchen trolleys that fit together perfectly. (about Marta DecoYcina )

If your kitchen has windows, resist the urge to buy a clichΓ© flower costume. Choose sackcloth or linen instead. The plain fabric lets in all the natural light you want and adds a sense of home without feeling old-fashioned. It will all want to replace you window decorations in your home. (About Cherished Bliss )

Perhaps you have noticed a touch in many of these pictures. Modern cottage kitchens today have industrial lighting. We are talking about cages and galvanized metal instead of ruffles. It offers your kitchen an interesting and modern pop that keeps you trendy. (about Domino )

Everyone has a storeroom somewhere, whether in a closet or a kitchen closet. Invest in some glasses of various sizes and store them on open shelves for everyone. You give the illusion that you are a canner without having to do the work. (about Ella Claire )

Cottage sinks are usually multipurpose. They wash dirty dishes, muddy vegetables and sandy babies, so you want a sink that fits every challenge you bring. A farmhouse sink promises to take the challenge and more. It’s so big it always matches another cup or four dirty paws. (about My Paradissi )

Antiques are a good starting point when decorating your cottage kitchen. Fight over your local second-hand store for old glasses and chopping boards and jugs. Only a touch of antiquity will give you feelings of nostalgia and turn your kitchen into a place where anyone can pull up a chair for a good chat. (about A Kings Lane )

Don’t forget the porcelain! If you want to sit in front of the fire with a patterned China teacup, you have to have the teacup first. Use another thrifting expedition to collect all the flowery plates and cups and saucers you can hold. Then proudly present them on your kitchen shelves. Don’t worry about the fact that they don’t match! It will be easy to replace them. (about The Kitchn )

Last but not least, every kitchen deserves something green. And what would a real cottage kitchen be without a small herb garden? Whether you plant it in tea cups as shown in the picture above or in a large pot or even empty old tea cans, you will enjoy the greenery and your kitchen will also benefit from it.


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