We are all so accustomed to seeing the same transparent fabrics intrigued monochrome color that details are irrelevant and forgotten. But they should not. Not if you are trying to create a space for the family that is not only warm and comforting, but also stylish and personal. From the choice of furniture to the windows, small accents and design nuances, one should see. Highlight the room and its natural lighting by knowing what treatment to apply to the windows and what type of decor you are using. Let’s take a look at 18 different looks for the living room that works for the windows.

1. White chrome grommet

White, clear and clean, these curtains are crowned with chrome grommets and finish this modern room with ease. They are made with thicker fabrics so that they can still withstand light in the evening without losing the brightness of the room.

2. Double rod bag

We are totally powerless about this living room design and one of the main reasons is this stunning window treatment. Use curtains with bar pockets, but double. Skirts for the day to soften the sunlight and a silver gunmetal for a bit of romance in the evening Gregnatale }.

3. Modern Drapery and Valence Combo

You can also mix valences with standard curtains or curtains. And here is the proof that not every valence will have an outdated or too traditional style for your modern home Agatakdesign }.

4. Traditional Folded Beige

Here is a nice example of how you can use traditional, homey elements to create a cosy space that is still very stylish and a bit contemporary. With the right fabrics, even beige curtains – with traditional pleats – can look fashionable and chic .{found on juliettebyrne }.

5. Coupled pictures with ring top

This living room seems busy, but it is full of unique femininity and stylish energy. These curtains hang loosely with their ring tips and we are in love with the idea of using two prints in one window treatment.

6. Striped Valence and Curtain Duo

Try for a chic and neat accent this valence and curtain set that rounds off smaller windows with clean ease. The Pom-Pom detailing adds a little extra charm. Found on Kateforman }.

7. Eclectic dip colored curtains

These curtains were too stunning not to appear in our distribution. They are cozy and versatile and remain trendy in this youthful room. They emphasize and dress also the high windows without overtaxing the space Myefski }.

These cream curtains are luxurious and inviting to complete this living room. With pleated pleated lace for a traditional ambience and lush fabric, this room looks larger but equally family-friendly.

8. Gran Seafoam Rod Bag

By hanging curtains high up near the ceiling and creating a bit of “puddle” on the floor, you transform a traditional living room into one with a much more grandiose feeling lesliefineinteriors }.

9. Tab Top Linen

We have mostly seen tab-top curtains in romantic or softer rooms because they have a more breathtaking and airy essence. But if you’re cultivating a living room with the same ease, these linen curtains are exactly what you miss.

This room is breathtaking and so is the location of the house. If you need double windows, you will need something long and probably tailor-made. And with these floor-length curtains you not only get functionality, but also an artistic touch.

10. Sack Linen Tie Top

Modern and neat, here is another good way to create a more contemporary space by detailing the windows as much as the rest of the room. A little texture gives the wall and the window interest.

This is a really nice representation of how curtains can change and highlight a room. These printed curtains frame the windows and the room with color and style a vintagescout }.


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